EDPO 350: Introduction to Education for Paraprofessionals

EDPO 350:  Introduction to Education for Paraprofessionals (Educational Technicians)

An ONLINE Guided Independent Study

Dates:  To be determined with the Instructor

Dr. Stephen York, Instructor

COURSE DESCRIPTION:                                                        4.5 CEUs

This is a survey course designed to help paraprofessionals (educational technicians) understand and to work successfully with students and teachers. It addresses public education as a cultural institution and the important role, responsibilities, and challenges educational paraprofessionals within the school.

This is a self-paced, individualized; online course.  You work one-on-one with the instructor.  It is a practical, user-friendly format even for those who tend to stay away from online courses.  No one else sees or comments on your work except for the instructor.
The course is pre-approved by the certification office of the Maine Department of Education. Students may take it for 4.5 Continuing Education Units (the equivalent of 45 contact hours, or one course).
COURSE Content Includes:
     Instructional Support - Roles and Responsibilities
     Special Education - Introduction/Behavior Management
     Early Childhood - Growth and Development
     Assisting Instruction in Content Areas 
     Content Skills Assessment - Reading Writing, Math



Textbook: Teaching, Learning, and Schooling: A 21st Century Perspective.  By Eugene F. Provenzo.  Find on Bookfinder.com.

Online Material: A special access code will be provided by the Instructor.