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Confronting Racism in America

It’s time. With the world turned upside down with the pandemic, the civil outrage over police brutality of African Americans, and our current political climate in an election year, we have plenty to contemplate and worry about. George Floyd’s death, captured by technology for everyone to see, will not allow us to shove this one,… Read more »

Grace Jacobs takes gifted talented education to a global level

This is an article in Education First about one of our wonderful instructors, Grace Jacobs. Look at what she’s doing with her Gifted and Talented kids! Better yet, you can take her online course this summer: Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners.…/ede-529-social-emotional…/Starts July 9th.  

Social Justice in the Arts

There’s been such an assault on our sense of safety in our classrooms and schools in recent times with mass shootings – and a cacophany of opinions about what to do.  What do we do?  What would you do in this situation? Arm the teachers!  No, Only some of them!   Don’t take away our 2nd amendment! … Read more »

Teaching Children of Poverty: Why Culture Counts

Course Description: This course will help educators, parents and professionals understand the complex challenges that poverty imposes on children’s capacity to learn and provides strategies for differentiating classroom instruction and providing opportunities to inspire and engage these students. Our schools are becoming more and more diverse, and educators are faced with economic, cultural and linguistic… Read more »

Meet the Professors, in Person!

New Hybrid Courses! The pendulum has swung in the direction of online courses in recent years, even for the New England Institute.  After all, online courses offer more opportunity to more teachers who don’t have to travel to a specific location. There are pros and cons to learning online, and at the New England Institute,… Read more »