Autism Course: New School Year = New Techniques

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.56.22 AMNow that the school year is underway we are receiving calls from veteran educators who are feeling stressed about issues that they breezed through in the past!  “Last year I was teaching Kindergarten, but this year I’m in third grade, and I really need help…”  Every year is different, with a different group of students, creating vastly different dynamics year after year.

Some educators will call us saying, “I just need a fresh perspective… I need some new resources and ideas to draw from.”

We have designed our fall calendar with courses to address some of these needs.

One of the most popular courses educators request is “Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders“.  As author and public speaker, Stephen Shore said, “If you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism.”

We are offering this course online, and encourage any teacher, educational technician, or administrator who is in need of some new or additional resources to register.  The course will run from September 14 – November 30 (new dates!!) September 28 – December 14 and is available for either 4.5 CEUs or 3 college credits.

If you are looking for a broader perspective in relationship to managing classroom behavior, we are offering that course online too: “Managing Classroom Behavior” from September 21 – November 23.

Not sure of exactly what you’re looking for?  Visit our course listings, and see what we currently have on the horizon.  We are always here for your calls and questions at 207-367-5807. Don’t get stuck in the same teaching rut, register today and see why so many of our students come back again and again!