Confronting Racism in America

It’s time. With the world turned upside down with the pandemic, the civil outrage over police brutality of African Americans, and our current political climate in an election year, we have plenty to contemplate and worry about. George Floyd’s death, captured by technology for everyone to see, will not allow us to shove this one, this time, under the rug. As educators, we are in an essential place. It is our duty to be as informed and knowledgeable about our own history as we can be, and it is our duty to educate others about that history and about race and racism in America.

The New England Institute has developed an online course to help educators build their capacity to engage in authentic discussion, to reflect and take action to confront racism in their educational settings and communities.

Robin Scott Lea

Robin Scott Lea, the professor, is a middle school science teacher in Maine. Prior to being a school teacher, Robin worked as an anti-racism educator and social justice organizer both nationally and locally for a variety or organizations for many years. The New England Institute is so grateful to have Robin offer this dynamic course to teachers.

Starting on July 6, this course will run through September 14. Hop on board. Be part of a new movement of understanding and peace. This train has arrived, finally.

To Register, or for more information: Confronting Racism in America