EDE 327: Engaging Students in Digitally Blended Learning

September 30, 2024 - December 8, 2024

Instructor: Barbara Vinal

Registration Deadline: September 23, 2024

Course Description:

This comprehensive course is designed to equip educators with the skills and strategies necessary to create a successful digitally blended learning environment in their classroom. The course covers a range of critical topics to ensure both teachers and students thrive in the blended digital education landscape.

This course assists educators in meeting the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Competencies for Educators. Educators can apply this course to their re- certification goals.

  • Prerequisites:
  • ●  Ability to navigate through basic computer skills and online documents.

Materials Required:

  • ●  Ability to connect to the Internet – high speed connection preferred.
  • ●  Current browser such as Google Chrome (preferred), Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Course Objectives:

In alignment with the ISTE Competencies for Educators, at the completion of this course, participants will:

  • ●  Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.
  • ●  Model digital age work and learning
  • ●  Encourage collaboration of students through enhanced skills and knowledge, making teaching and learning more efficient.
  • ●  Engage in professional growth and leadership

Please register by September 23, 2024.

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