EDPS 532: Social & Emotional Learning: Creating Class Culture to Promote Learning

July 8, 2024 - August 18, 2024

Instructor: Dr. Kay York

Registration Deadline: July 1

Course Description:

Students thrive in an educational setting characterized by respect, compassion, and active participation. This course delves into the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and explores evidence-based strategies for cultivating a student-centered atmosphere that fosters social, emotional, and academic development.

Educators recognize the growing prevalence of students encountering adverse childhood experiences and the need for nurturing relationships and a caring, secure environment to facilitate their success. Through this course, educators will acquire the tools to support their students in cultivating the skills, behaviors, and perspectives essential for success. Central to the course is the recognition of students’ social and emotional needs and the creation of a classroom culture that engages and empowers them.


Course Objectives:

  • -Explore the research and reasons behind social emotional learning.
  • -Understand the powerful role social and emotional education can play in schools. 
  • -Reflect on and adjust current practices. 
  • -Utilize best practices in supporting students’ social and emotional learning at school and in the world. 
  • -Build a class culture designed to promote student learning 
  • -Develop a toolkit of highly engaging student-centered structures and activities that improve teaching and learning.


Materials Required:

  • -Sprenger, M. (2020). Social Emotional Learning and the brain: Strategies to help your students thrive. ASCD. 

-Wolpow, R., Johnson, M. M., Hertel, R., & Kincaid, S. (2009). The heart of learning and teaching: Compassion, resiliency, and academic success. Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Compassionate Schools. This book can be downloaded for free here.


Additionally, please pick one of these books to read:

  • -Harris, N. B. (2021). The deepest well: Healing the long-term effects of childhood trauma and adversity. Mariner, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.
  •      Another book that impacted me deeply!  It is fascinating and heartbreaking, written from a medical doctor’s perspective.
  • -Lopez, N., & Paley, R. (2017). The bridge to brilliance: How one woman and one community are inspiring the world. Penguin Group USA. 
  •      A wonderful story that impacted me and is an amazing story that will inspire any educator and renew a passion for helping all students, even those who may seem unteachable.
  • -Sporleder, J., & Forbes, H. (2019). The trauma-informed school: A step-by-step implementation guide for administrators and school personnel. Beyond Consequences Institute. 
    •      An excellent practical guide for all schools!

Additional readings and media will be posted in Google Classroom.


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