Courses coming to Aroostook County!

The New England Institute for Teacher Education is proud to be bringing graduate level courses to Presque Isle this summer, including Assessment Practices in the K-12 Visual Art Classroom and Integrating the Common Core Standards into the Classroom (K-12). It’s not too late to register!! These courses are both being held from Monday, July 9th through Thursday, July 12.

Catherine Ring will be teaching the visual art course. Catherine is on the Leadership Team with the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. Stephen York and Dr. Jennifer Page will be teaching the Common Core Standards course.

Are you prepared to integrate the Common Core Standards into your classroom? Are you interested in taking your assessment practices to a deeper level? Working with a cohort of colleagues who share best practices and resources is stimulating and fun.  Deep discussions around how to assess, benchmark, and align to standards are helping to improve learning in the classroom.  Graduate courses made available in other parts of the state have met with great success.  Join Catherine, Stephen, and Jennifer in Presque Isle this month! Please register with the New England Institute to join us.