EDEN 537: Maine Writers

Maine Writers 2 022516EDEN 537: Maine Writers

Dates to be determined with Instructor


A Guided Independent Study

Course Description: 

This course provides students with the opportunity to read and reflect on Maine’s rich literary tradition of writers, past and present. Participants may explore ways of connecting Maine writers to students in Pre K-12 classrooms. It may also be taken to satisfy an English content area requirement for teacher certification.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify authors of classical and contemporary Maine literature.
  • Articulate the connections between Maine literature, geography of place, and community building.
  • Engage children, youth, and adult learners with Maine writers in all genres.
  • Create a standards-based unit with appropriate models of instruction and assessment based on the Common Core State Standards.
  • Connect readers to the value of lifelong reading.
  • Demonstrate a mastery of literary terms and concepts.
  • Provide evidence of utilization of 21st Century competencies.

Required Materials: 

For K-8 Educators: Knowles, Paul, and Lynn Plourde.  "Celebration of Maine Children's Books." Orono: University of Maine Press, 1998.  To order this book please follow this link to www.bookfinder.com.

For High School ELA Educators: You will have the opportunity to design a course study of Maine Writers tailored to your needs.  You may wish to study authors to complement your Maine Studies classes, or you may prefer to learn about Maine authors for recertification purposes.