EDPS 502: Science in the Classroom, An Inquiry-Based Approach K-12


Mickie Flores

Mickie Flores, Instructor


EDPS 502: Science in the Classroom: An Inquiry-Based Approach,  K-12

This course is available for 4.5 Continuing Education Units during the Spring 2017.  This is a great way to get recertification credits this summer with a practicing Science teacher and Maine Teacher of the Year semi-finalist (2015).


Course Description:

Inquiry-based learning stresses the importance of students learning science by posing their own questions and then engaging in science and engineering practices. Classroom science becomes human exploration of the natural world in which students construct explanations and design solutions, engage in argument from evidence, and analyze and interpret data.

The goal of this class is to help you develop your skills as an inquiry-based educator. Emphasis will be placed on assimilation of science content through engagement in activities and explorations.


Materials Required:

Small, Arnone, Stripling and Berger. 2012. Teaching for Inquiry. Neal-Schuman Publishers, New York.

Additional readings and resources will be provided by the instructor.


Course Requirements:

  • * Students will complete all reading, viewing, writing, researching and online components of the course.
  • * Maintain an electronic portfolio of all resources and work pertaining to the course.
  • * Summarize learning through a final personal reflection essay.