EDPU 516 Literacy: Engaging Readers in a Digital Age

EDPU 516  Literacy: Engaging Readers in a Digital Age


Stephen York, Instructor


Engaging readers is a challenge of unprecedented proportions facing educators in the 21st Century. In a digital age, how do we creatively engage students’ imaginations and develop them into joyful, excited, lifelong readers? This is an inquiry-based study. Participants will consider current brain research and the bio-cultural challenges of technology, as well as connections between reading, citizenship, and the democratic society. Potential strategies and best practices to engage resistant and reluctant readers will be explored.

This course fulfills a State of Maine requirement for all teacher and administrator certification. 

During the fall and spring, this course meets in a cohort for two weekend sessions (Friday 4-8pm and Saturday 8-4pm) with intersession work and weekly contact with the instructor in between. Summer sessions may have a daytime schedule and are completed in an intensive week with pre- and post-session work. The course is also available ONLINE and those start dates are negotiated with the instructor.


Students will collaborate with the instructor in designing an independent reading plan.



Additional print and non-print resources will be recommended as class begins.


  • Identify the challenges of engaging readers in a digital age.
  • Articulate the connections between reading and technology, home, school, and society.
  • Create an improved culture of reading in the classroom.
  • Connect what is learned to effective teaching strategies in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive action plan to engage readers.
  • Provide evidence of utilization of 21st Century competencies.

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