Exciting New Academic Partnership!

NEIBC Logo with tag lineFrom the Island Advantages, July 16, 2015                                                    by Tevlin Schuetz

“Catherine Ring and Stephen York have for years shared a passion for helping people to learn, and on June 22 they increased their capacity to do so when they formally entered a partnership agreement with Burlington College in Vermont through the New England Institute for Teacher Education, a school founded by Ring and York.

Not only will students be able to receive college credit for courses taken through the institute, they will also have pathways through which to pursue individualized Bachelor of Arts and master’s degrees through Burlington College, York said.

Burlington College is a good fit for York and Ring’s program. York praised the college as being progressive in its educational philosophy and possessing core values and a vision of student learning that he and Ring share. Burlington operates under a premise that “curiosity, imagination and rigor are all possible,” he said.” (Click here to read the full article).


Catherine Ring & Stephen York at Burlington College June 22, 2015