Getting to know our faculty – Dr. OJ Logue

Getting to know NEI’s new instructor: Dr. OJ Logue

10423861_10207052984629455_7643244742523977651_nNEI’s Director of Communications, Holly Eaton, caught up withDr. OJ Logue recently to find out more about his passion for education.

Dr. Logue, who joined the NEI faculty early in 2015, has been a leader in education for over 30 years, working with students from kindergarten well into adulthood, Dr. Logue says he loves working with all of them!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.32.40 PMWhy do you like to teach adult learners?  
I love teaching any student regardless of age or background.
Is there a difference?  
The major difference between both sets of learners is the adult learner usually has more desire as learning is relevant to their day to day work whereas the traditional students generally aren’t able to apply their new knowledge to a learning environment.
Does working with this group excite you/make you passionate?  
Indeed, the adult learner excites me because I am able to share a wealth of knowledge that I have acquired over the years.
What do you like about teaching this course in particular? (EDSN 525: Teaching the Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom)
What I love about online learning is that it accommodates the hectic lifestyle in which both the learner and instructor live in. This format allows everyone to log on late in the evening or early morning – when time permits. I like the absence of trying negotiate travel to a specific site at certain times with no opportunity to make up the missed class. I have also found that quality of work is truly exceptional and not weakened in the least.
How long have you taught this (and other) courses at the collegiate level?  
This is only my second time teaching this course but I love it. I have taught numerous online and live classes for over 20 years.
What would you say/share with an anxious adult learner to help put them at ease?  
I have been the very first instructor for many non-traditional students who gain confidence through their very first college class. Once the quest for knowledge begins, it is hard to stop. I have seen many students go on to not only get their undergraduate but also graduate degree. I love being a part of student learning!

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