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We should be aware of Bullying all year long- not just in October!

Whether you are a teacher, an ed tech, a parent or a student, you know that bullying happens around the clock, 365 days a year, in person and on line… and not just in October (bullying awareness month).  The awareness that is brought to bullying during October is certainly helpful, but what happens in the… Read more »

The New England Institute helps announce the new “Communiversity at Burlington College”

The New England Institute joined other partners at Burlington College on October 20th to celebrate the announcement of the new Communiversity. “Today, alongside Mayor Miro Weinberger and its business partners, Burlington College announced The Communiversity at Burlington College. This formal initiative brings together education and training partners such as Vermont HITEC, Community Kitchen Academy, Oplerno,  New… Read more »

Getting to know our Faculty- GT Instructor, Dr. Ruth Lyons

Holly Eaton, Communications for NEI, connected with Dr. Lyons to learn more about why she enjoys working for NEI, working with GT learners, and working with adults. Lyons has worked in education for over 14 years, with 9 of those years focused on GT education. “GT education makes sense to me … it is how I have… Read more »

Obtain Your 690 (Gifted & Talented) Endorsement in 2016!

Four Gifted & Talented Courses for Spring/Summer 2016 – Get your endorsement in 2016! EDE 527: Educating Gifted and Talented Learners: January 25 – April 11; Online This introductory course provides foundational information on gifted and talented education (i.e. history, laws, etc.), details characteristics of gifted students from various populations, describes how such students are identified… Read more »

Never Judge a Resource by its Title

As the Communications Director for the New England Institute, I am always on the look out for new and exciting resources to share. Some are obvious, and I get them right out to our students, our staff, or our broader audience via email or social media.  Some literally have had to show up in our office emails… Read more »

Need new techniques for working with students on the Autism Spectrum?

Now that the school year is underway we are receiving calls from veteran educators who are feeling stressed about issues that they breezed through in the past!  “Last year I was teaching Kindergarten, but this year I’m in third grade, and I really need help…”  Every year is different, with a different group of students,… Read more »

Getting to Know our Faculty – Tracie Peterson

Holly Eaton, Communications for NEI, spoke with Tracie Peterson recently about why she enjoys working for NEI, and with adult learners. Peterson, a former NEI student, joined the faculty over a year ago.  She started her educational career as a ski instructor, a passion that motivates her to this day.  Earning her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from New… Read more »

Judy Fricke on Teaching Children through Play – and the Arts!

Judy Fricke started teaching for the New England Institute last Fall, and brings a passion to her students that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated!  Judy has been working with parents and childhood educators for over 20 years, and finds this course to be the perfect opportunity to help her students create opportunities… Read more »

Getting to know our faculty – Dr. OJ Logue

Getting to know NEI’s new instructor: Dr. OJ Logue NEI’s Director of Communications, Holly Eaton, caught up withDr. OJ Logue recently to find out more about his passion for education. Dr. Logue, who joined the NEI faculty early in 2015, has been a leader in education for over 30 years, working with students from kindergarten well into adulthood,… Read more »