EDE 524: Critical and Creative Thinking

April 8, 2019 - June 16, 2019

Instructor: Julia Hanauer-Milne

Course Description:

In this course students will practice techniques for stimulating critical and creative thinking as well as strategies for adapting existing curricula to develop critical and creative thinking abilities in students. The course will examine ways to encourage creativity and critical thinking and ways to create challenging and nurturing learning environments. This course may be applied toward the 690 (Gifted & Talented) endorsement for State of Maine teachers.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Apply techniques for stimulating creative thinking abilities in students, including brainstorming, attribute listing, metaphorical thinking, SCAMPER, and Creative Problem Solving.
  • Apply techniques for stimulating critical thinking abilities in students.
  • Describe major theories and models of creativity.
  • Discuss class activities, practices, and organizational strategies that support the development of creativity such as Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination.

Materials Required:

  • Starko, A. J. (2018). Creativity in the Classroom (6th ed.). New York: Routledge.
  • A laptop is required. Internet access is a requirement during the course. If this is problematic for you, please contact the instructor.
  • Additional materials will be posted on Google Classroom.

Recommended Materials:

  • Beers, K. and Probst, R. E. (2017). Disrupting thinking: Why how we read matters. New York: Scholastic Inc.
  • Beers, K. and Probst, R.E. (2015). Reading Non-fiction: Notice and note: Stances, signposts, and strategies. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
  • Beers, K. and Probst, R.E. (2012). Notice and note: Strategies for Close Reading. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
  • Pink, D. (2006). A whole new mind: Why right-brainers will rule the future. New York: Penguin Group.
  • Wagner, T., & Compton, R. (2012). Creating innovators: The making of young people who will change the world. New York: Scribner.
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