Sampson, Shannon

Shannon Sampson is a Special Education Instructional Strategist in Southern Maine.  She graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and minored in English as a Second Language and Special Education. After graduation, Shannon moved to Arizona where she taught 3rd Grade and then Special Education PreK-3rd for 9 years while obtaining her Masters from the University of Phoenix in Special Education. In 2011, Shannon and her husband moved across the country to raise their family in Maine. She became a Special Education Teacher to elementary as well as middle school students with varying needs before shifting into her Instructional Strategist role. Shannon has completed several post graduate leadership college courses, and now mentors new special education staff, works with RTI/MTSS teams on interventions, and is a Safety Care Trainer with QBS.  Although a passionate educator, Shannon still finds time outside of work to spend with her family swimming, coaching sports, and reading a good book by the lake.