Integrating the Arts: A Great Way to Engage Kids in Learning

Have you wondered how to more deeply engage your students in learning? Are you ready to explore new ways, ideas, and strategies from your professor and colleagues from Maine and internationally?

In the online course, EDAR 529: Encountering the Arts: Choice, Voice and Creativity, Drama, Movement, Music, Poetry, Storytelling, and Visual Arts will be explored across content areas: Math, Science, Reading and Writing.

Inciting inspiration and direct experiences in the arts in a thematic, student centered, project-based environment, the course will also include outdoor education. Participants will join with other educators from the U.S. and international settings and experience an opportunity to broaden perspectives and engage in rich discussions.

Engage in the creative process, dive into learner-centered experiences and consider how the Reggio Emilia approach can apply in your K-12 classroom!

Please join us in the course, starting JANUARY 25, 2021. To learn more, or register for the course, click right here.