Meet the 2015 Resource Bank Team for the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative!

Resource Bank Team

Zoom meeting of most of the Resource Bank Team (missing Jake Sturtevant).

The New England Institute for Teacher Education (Catherine Ring) has been contracted by the Maine Arts Commission to be the Project Manager of the 2015 Resource Bank Team.

The Team has been creating some amazing arts education resources and we’ve been meeting through Zoom video conferencing.  We’ve been able to share ideas, documents, and videos and give feedback to each other as critical friends. This project will be completed by the end of June and the resources will be unveiled at the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative‘s (MAAI) Summer Institute in August and made available to the public.  It’s been fast, furious and fun!

Members of the 2015 Resource Bank Team include:  Theresa Cerceo (Frenchville), Patty Gordan (Raymond), Danette Kerrigan (Hiram), John Morris (Bridgton), Jake Sturtevant (Buxton), and Sarah Swain (Westbrook).  Catherine Ring (New England Institute for Teacher Education, Stonington) and Argy Nestor (Maine Arts Commission, Augusta) complete the team.

We have also consulted with members of the MAAI Leadership Team, Rob Westerberg and Barb Vinal, to get their technology expertise on where to store the many resources so they are shareable and searchable. So you can see there is a lot of work behind the scenes, by MAAI Teacher Leaders.
Many thanks to the Maine Arts Commission for the funding to make this possible!  Stay tuned!