Meeting with Teacher Leaders all over Maine

TLA Zoom Meeting 2-22-16

Teaching courses is not the only thing the New England Institute does.  We also provide consultation to teachers and school districts all over the state.  As part of the 2016 Arts Education Census, Catherine Ring has been contracted by the Maine Arts Commission to be Project Manager and work with Teacher Leaders in the Arts from every region in the state to help gather critical data about the state of the arts in our schools.  What you see here is this wonderful team of visual art, music, dance and theater teachers from St. Agatha to Bridgton to Downeast and Western Maine. Oh yes, and St. Augustine, Florida! Technology can be a beautiful thing. No one needs to work in isolation any more.  Seeing each other and being able to share and edit documents, have conversations, brainstorm and problem solve are all happening on a regular basis. Better than a phone conference.  Better than everyone traveling great distances to meet.  The only thing missing is food and hugs.

For more information about the 2016 Arts Education Census, click here.