Obtain Your 690 (Gifted & Talented) Endorsement in 2016!

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Four Gifted & Talented Courses for Spring/Summer 2016 – Get your endorsement in 2016!

EDE 527: Educating Gifted and Talented LearnersJanuary 25 – April 11; Online


This introductory course provides foundational information on gifted and talented education (i.e. history, laws, etc.), details characteristics of gifted students from various populations, describes how such students are identified and assessed, and presents up-to-date, research-based pedagogy on curriculum design and instruction.

EDE 524: Critical and Creative ThinkingMarch 7 – May 23; Online

Participants will learn practical techniques for stimulating critical and creative thinking and strategies for adapting existing curricula to develop these abilities in students. The course will examine ways to encourage creativity and critical thinking and ways to create challenging and nurturing learning environments.

EDAR 528: Brains on Fire: Rekindling Imagination in the Classroom, K-8March 18, 19 & June 3, 4; Bangor

Mindy Rebecca

Participants will learn practical, hands-on arts integration strategies that can be used immediately in the classroom. Teaching students through the arts (visual art, dance, music and drama) is an effective and engaging learning strategy and is been supported by recent brain research. Learn about the critical evidence of improved achievement in all subject areas by students who are regularly exposed to the arts.  Click Here to watch a YouTube video for this course!

EDE 525: Curriculum and Instruction for G & T LearnersJuly 11 – August 22; Online

This course provides a theoretical, research-based framework and practical ideas for writing, implementing, and adapting curriculum for gifted and talented learners in a standards-based era. Participants are first introduced to various curriculum theories, the Integrated Curriculum Model, curriculum reform, and a process for curriculum design and development.

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