EDPS 531: Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom


EDPS 531 - Promoting Social & Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Instructor, Stephen York

Instructor, Stephen York


Educators and educational technicians, challenged sometimes to the point of burnout, face the unprecedented and unmet social and emotional needs of students.  As a result, students' academic progress is interrupted and sometimes next to impossible.  This study considers research-based social and emotional learning, and best practices for its implementation, thereby enhancing teaching and learning for all students:

  • *The Nature of and Need for Social and Emotional Learning
  • *Reflecting on Your Current Practices
  • *Developing Social and Emotional Skills in the Classroom
  • *Creating the Context for Social and Emotional Learning
  • *Introducing and Sustaining Social and Emotional Education
  • *Evaluating the Success of Social and Emotional Learning
  • *Moving Forward:  Assessing Strengths, Priorities, and Next Steps
  • *Curriculum Scope and Sequence for Different Age Groups
  • *Standards-based Guidelines for Social and Emotional Education
  • *Parental and Community Partnerships



Promoting Social and Emotional Learning:  Guidelines for Educators, by Maurice J. Elias, Joseph E. Zins, Roger P. Weissberg, Karin S. Frey, Mark T. Greenberg, Norris M. Haynes, Rachael Kessler, Mary E. Schwab-Stone and Timothy P. Shriver.  Buy it now on Amazon.com.