Student Testimonials

I want to strongly recommend participating in coursework through the New England Institute for Teacher Education, as you work toward recertification or are looking for a professional development opportunity. I took the Brains on Fire course with Catherine Ring last year and became inspired beyond belief to embed what I learned in my classroom(s)! The classes offered are both online and in person and can easily fit into busy schedules.  

   ~ Rachel Hamlin, Gifted and Talented Specialist


The class was structured in such a way that the result was a perfect balance between meaningful exchanges of ideas and experiences with classmates and self-exploration of a chosen content area. I found this course to be an empowering way to learn. I had the excitement of pushing myself out of my comfort zone without the anxiety that I remember having as an undergraduate.  It is obvious that New England Institute is committed to the successful education of teachers throughout Maine.

~Michele Prior, Great Salt Bay School- Damariscotta, Main

The Institute is a great place to learn and the online option is what truly drew me to taking the course.  Even though I was not sitting in a classroom on a regular basis, (the instructor) provided weekly phone calls to help me with the process.  (This) held me accountable for my work and what needed to be done.  I would take another course with NEI and recommend the Institute to my family and friends.

~Jessie Dillon, New Milford, Connecticut

I would highly recommend an independent study to anyone who has to juggle a career and a family, because you aren’t on a deadline to get it all completed in 5 or 6 weeks.  I was able to go at my own pace which allowed me to get the most from this course as I applied my learning to the classroom I work in each week.  I can’t say enough about the caring, professional, educated people that made this such an enjoying learning experience.

~Allison Laflamme, Special Services provider, Mildred L. Day Elementary, Arundel, Maine

Your willingness to answer our questions and the openness in your professional response was so refreshing.  I was most impressed with the depth and breadth of your knowledge.  I recommend this course as a must for any regular education classroom teacher, special education teacher, and especially to all administrators.       

~Kenneth W. Atcheson II, Instructor of Social Studies, Caribou High School, Caribou, Maine

Collaboration and critical thinking, honest conversation including expressions of anxiety at times, and plentiful sharing of information and resources marked highlights of the course for me.  My thanks to New England Institute for a practical and useful course!

~Judy Atcheson, 3rd Grade Teacher, Mapleton Elementary, Mapleton, Maine

I count it a privilege to have been able to participate in the class this week. It was, first of all, “anxiety-free,” informative, thought provoking, and above all practical. The time was well spent and a sense of accomplishment was felt at the end of each day.  It was truly the most enjoyable class I have ever taken.  I would take another class from them without hesitation! 

~Jay Blackstone, 3rd Grade Teacher, Mapleton, Maine

As an adult learner with anxieties, I had many reservations about returning to school. My professor made the transition bearable. (Making) us feel at ease.  I have taken several classes from (NEI) and have gained a wealth of knowledge about education and the laws of education.

~Carrie Anderson, Educational Technician - Augusta, Maine