EDPO 519: Transforming Education: Teaching & Learning in a Global Society



EDPO 519:  Transforming Education:  Teaching & Learning in a Global Society

Stephen York, Instructor


This course investigates the transformation of education, as students live and learn in a rapidly changing, knowledge-exploding, global society; it considers educators as change agents and facilitators of life-long learning, not as the source of all knowledge and wisdom.   The impact of knowledge explosion, technology, and other unprecedented challenges facing educators, considered through the lenses of history and philosophy, and research-driven data, informs the study.  It is appropriate for in-service and pre-service teachers, as well as for educational technicians.


  • To understand how schooling has changed from a local to a global environment and its relationship to teaching and learning—using historical, political, philosophical, and empirical perspectives
  • To investigate and understand how systems change and resist change in public education and other cultural institutions
  • To consider the changing roles and responsibilities of teachers and students
  • To examine the relationship and impact of technology on teaching and learning
  • To consider the impact of multiculturalism and pluralism in a democratic society
  • To analyze the rapidly changing nature of curriculum and the need to prepare students, many of whom will live in the 22nd century