2013 Courses in Session!


  Sara Foster, Sharon Jones, Missy Arbour, Julie Perry and Martha Ladd, in
Encountering Children’s Literature through the Arts!

The Spring semester has begun! At The New England Institute, we are excited to spend time with the fabulous educators who join us as we venture back into teaching in 2013. Last weekend, we held a fantastic course called Teaching Children’s Literature: An Arts Integration Approach in Portland. Practical strategies for using visual art, poetry, drama, story telling, and music to enhance children’s experience and understanding of literature were explored. Librarians and classroom teachers shared experiences from different perspectives and many years of teaching. As they created projects of their own to implement in their classrooms, the discussions that transpired were invaluable – and led to several bouts of laughter!

We continue to support teachers in getting what they need to improve teaching and learning. Our dynamic courses are offered with teacher-friendly schedules. Join us this Spring for a course taught by top-notch faculty members, who are leaders in their fields, are up on current trends in education, and model best practices in their classrooms. We would love to have you!