We Did It!

Rob Westerberg and Catherine Ring

Yesterday we met with 16 art, music, dance and theater teacher leaders throughout Maine to plan Phase II of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative.  Lots of creative ideas for ways to improve teaching and learning in the arts filled the day.  This is critical work, because the arts teach vital 21st century skills and quality assessment helps both teachers and students to improve learning.  You can read more about this exciting project on the Maine DOE’s blog, written by Visual and Performing Arts Specialist, Argy Nestor.

Maine Arts Education Post



Here are some other photos of the day!

Music Educator Jake Sturtevant and Art Educator Jeff Orth

Dr. Jeff Beaudry, USM

Art Educators Leah Olson and Jeff Orth

Catherine Ring and Dance Educator, Mary Ellen Schaper

Art Educators Lisa Marin and Charlie Johnson