It takes a village to combat Bullying!

Boys fighting cartoon 2

Bullying Increases….

– Suicide rates
– Childhood depression
– Feelings of loneliness

Bullying Decreases….attendance 2

Self confidence –
Student participation –
Attendance –


Bullying Happens….

  • – On the Bus
  • – In the hallways
  • – In cyberspace
  • – Everywhere!

It really does take a village to combat bullying!

How do you create an anti-bullying environment:
In your classroom? 
In your school?
For all your students? 
If you are looking for new techniques you can use to combat bullying register for the New England Institute’s online course EPSY 530 Bullying Prevention & Intervention running February 29th – May 2nd.
Looking for more information?  Please call 207-367-5807 or email
Don't have time to take a full class?  Attend the MPA's Two Day Workshop: "What can we do about bullying?" May 10 - 11.  
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