Does your school have a bully-free culture?

Does your school have a bully-free culture?

What pro-active strategies do you and your students use to create one?

antibullyingfreefrometsyHow would your school and students successfully address and accept the transition of a transgendered student like Lucy Tidd, an 8 year old at Lyseth Elementary School in Portland who’s parents and classmates have helped her to make the transition from Benjamin to Lucy?  What has been so unique in Lucy’s situation that has made her transition a positive experience?  How would you, as an educator, be able to help one of your students if they were in a similar transition?

The New England Institute for Teacher Education will be offering an ONLINE course:

 EPSY 530: Bullying Prevention & Intervention – February 29th – May 2nd, 2016 

This course can be taken for either 3 credits or 4.5 continuing Education units (CEUs) and will delve into a variety of case studies involving bullying that will help educators build an accepting, peaceful school climate.  Educator, Tracie Peterson, works directly with her students so that they receive the individual attention they need, “For some students, it will be the first online course they’ve taken. I’m prepared to reach each student at his or her comfort level and work together to create a valuable learning experience.”

If you would like to learn more about this course please feel free to call our office at 207-367-5807, visit the course page, or read our recent blog post about this very important topic.