Meet the Professors, in Person!

New Hybrid Courses!

The pendulum has swung in the direction of online courses in recent years, even for the New England Institute.  After all, online courses offer more opportunity to more teachers who don’t have to travel to a specific location. There are pros and cons to learning online, and at the New England Institute, we try to make the experience as personable as possible, with weekly contact with instructors.

However, some teachers prefer to meet their colleagues and professors face-to-face, even if it is for only part of the time.  And some are willing to travel to the nearest destination to do so. You get to work with colleagues, build relationships, and ask questions of the professor, in person. As a result,  we have decided to add two hybrid courses: one meeting in Ellsworth, Maine and the other meeting in Hope, Maine. And they are two brand new courses, so we invite you to check them out!

Lindsay Pinchbeck, founding director of Sweettree Arts, will be teaching a course entitled:

Encountering the Arts: Choice, Voice and Creativity in the K-8 Classrroom.

You can join Lindsay in her very own school in Hope, Maine, and learn some wonderful strategies to incorporate into your classroom right away.  Drama, Movement, Music, Poetry, Storytelling, and Visual Arts will be integrated across content areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing.


Stephen York is excited to be offering his brand new course,

Teaching Children of Poverty: Why Culture Counts 

and will be doing so starting in February at the Moore Community Center in Ellsworth.  This course will also be coming to Portland soon. Stephen is well known for his humor and intellect, and will certainly challenge your thinking about this sensitive subject!

So what, exactly, is a hybrid course and how does it work?  Participants will meet with their professors face-to-face for two weekend sessions: one at the beginning and one at the end of the course. Educators will work independently in the 10 week inter-session, and be in weekly contact with their professor. The first weekend will allow all participants to get to know each other, learn about the course, ask questions in person and start to build relationships:  a real plus to face-to-face sessions. Weekend sessions start after school on Friday so you don’t have to miss any time in the classroom or make substitute plans for your class, and on Saturday for a full day. You would leave the first weekend fully equipped to start your inter-session work, be in touch with the professor weekly by email or Google Classroom, then at the end of 10 weeks, come back for a second and final session in person, to share what you’ve learned, present projects, and celebrate your challenges and triumphs together. Following the second weekend, after witnessing what is usually a wonderful day of shared presentations by your colleagues, you will be expected to write a summative paper about what you’ve learned and the course experience.

Still think you need an ONLINE course?  No worries — there are plenty of other options on our course page on our website.  There’s something for everyone.

Happy Trails!!